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Posted on: July 17th, 2010

No matter whether the business is a hotel, restaurant, bar or one of the many retail shops along the Grand Strand, business is booming! Owners have reported jumps in business due to the Gulf Coast’s misfortune with the BP Oil Spil. Many tourists that typically plan to vacation in the Gulf have shifted their travel plans due to the hugh impact the oil spill has created in the waters along the beach and resort areas. Many vacationers are concerned they will encounter beaches fouled with oil, so now they are coming to the East Coast of Myrtle Beach.

Calls are pouring in from tourist concerned about the spill and looking for a different beach destination to visit this year, These are the reports received from the Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce. Fishing Charters have seen as much as a thirty percent boost compared to the 2009 fishing season. As the condition in the Gulf continues to worsen, many of the recreational anglers have begun their quest for new waters to partake in. Currently there are over 80,000 square miles of federal waters, that’s roughly a third of the federal waters in the Gulf, where there is currently a NO FISHING policy in effect.

It has recently been released that Florida-based ResortQuest rental company with operations in South Carolina has booked at least $40,000 worth of their reservations on the Grand Strand within the past few weeks due to its clients vacationers changing travel plans from the Gulf Coast. Their company marketing executive has stated that a good portion of their $18 million in reservations along the Gulf Coast will be shifting directions to the Grand Strand.

Hotel occupancy numbers along the Grand Strand are going up as we headed into the fourth of July holiday weekend, but this year there is another reason people are making their way to the Carolina coast. For the July 4th holiday weekend according to AAA there was  a marking 17 percent increase from last year.

Many of Myrtle Beach’s hotel owners are saying its an unfortunate situation but, the Gulf Oil spill is having a very positive impact on the Grand Strands economy. The Carnivale Motor Inn has said that they are currently averaging 15 or more calls each day. For many resorts this is the best summer they have seen in over two years.

Many resorts are saying that good majority of the visitors seem to be Floridians. Another industry that could be affected from this disaster is the real estate market. The impact of the Gulf oil spill could muck up housing markets in the Gulf for years. Many Baby Boomers that may have been considering a retirement in the Gulf are now taking a look at the Grand Strand. The Grand Strands housing market currently has some of the best bang for your buck real estate and retirees are starting to partake in some of the lowest prices the strand has seen in years.


Posted on: July 16th, 2010

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Posted on: July 9th, 2010

Service with a smile

Please Note*
Prices and services are our typical rates and services available. We understand that each Rental Owner has different needs and we can customize our packages and prices depending on the services you are requesting. -By the Beach Properties, BTBP, LLC.



Tenant Placement (Only)

  • All potential Tenants are screened by a nationwide service verifying previous rental history for past eviction filings.
  • Credit and Criminal background checks.
  • Maximum marketing of rental properties
    • We advertise on over 50 listing sites. Our syndication include Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads,, and All syndicated listings are tailored to encourage prospects to schedule online.
  • 24/7 hotline for rental inquiries.
  • You approve every tenant!

*No additional showing or marketing costs, everything is included in our placement fee.
*Never any upfront cost to our Owners for us go to work for you! 

Property Management

  • Tenant Placement Services listed above are included.
  • 18 years of combined property management experience.
  • Timely payment collection and processing.
  • Tenant late notice deliveries and eviction filings.
  • Notary Services.
  • Direct Deposit (EFT) of Rental Owner payments and Bookkeeping.
  • 24/7 online Owner access to property ledger
  • Professional and insured property maintenance.
  • Call for current rates and fees.
  • Discounts are available for multiple properties and/or luxury rentals.
  • Periodic property inspections.
  • Top market rental rates for maximum income.

Management Software
Owners and Tenants have great online features:

  • Owners and Residents have secure online access to their accounts at anytime.
  • Residents can submit maintenance requests online, providing a log of service request.
  • Property Owners and Association Board Members can maintain their contact information.
  • Owners and Board Members can access financial reports on demand.
  • Management agreements, leases and other documents are available online for each property.

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Posted on: July 8th, 2010

Beach Couple

There are a lot of rental property owners who choose to manage their own properties, especially if they live within a short distance. They soon find out, like everyone else that has attempted to self-manage them, all the headaches and time consuming tasks that can come along with it.  There is always a toilet running or the air conditioner has conked out.  The funny thing is they always seem to pop up at the worst of times.  And don’t forget about the tenant that every week promises they will have the rent for you next Friday.  There is always something more important that came up!

A good property manager can be the solution to have your free time back.  So when looking for one here are a few good things to keep in mind.  Do you want to find a property management company to manage an individual home, condo, apartment or for an association, apartment building, or commercial property?  We can help you.  Having an efficiently managed property is important.  Finding and choosing a property management company that will properly manage your rental property can be difficult.  The following tips will ensure you make the right decision.

Choosing a company that is knowledgeable of the local market is one of the first criteria that you should look for.  Hiring a management company that knows the local market means that your property manager knows what renters are looking for.  A good property management company will look at a property as if they were a renter to help increase rental rates, lower turnover rates, and decrease vacancy time.  The company should go through the property and advise you of smart and cost-conscious recommendations that will increase overall return while at the same time improving the property so that it becomes more desirable.  A good property management company should always make sure that your property stays competitive in the rental market.

Next, you will want to interview the property manager or property management company. You will want to know how they find tenants.  Do they have a marketing program that goes beyond their website?  Find out how do they look after properties and respond to tenant’s maintenance requests.  You will also want to find out how do they track income and expenses?  Do they utilize property management software?  Do they offer owner statements reflecting the property’s income and expenses?

Customer SatisfiedIt is always a good idea to find out how long they have been in business and how long they have managed properties in your area.  Someone who is new and just starting out may not have enough knowledge to handle situations that may arise. Find out if they are members of any Real Estate management organizations, are certified property managers, or if they have received any specific training in property management.  It also never hurts to ask if they have references; consider asking for at least three.  Also, you want to get someone who is experienced with the type of property that you have.  You need to look for a company who has a system in place.  For instance itis always a good idea to request to see an example of their management report that they give to owners.  What you are looking for is a report quickly generated from some kind of property management software and not something someone has typed up by hand on the spot.  That’s an automatic red flag.  That shows that they do not have proper rental bookkeeping methods in place.  Remember you’re not looking for someone without a system.  You even want someone who has a back-up for when he or she is on vacation or out of the office for any other reason.  Make sure you review a copy of their property management agreement or contract and understand what the fees are for property placement and management.  You want to make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the agreement and how often the agreement is renewable.  You may want to even go as far as to check them out through the local Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, or the real estate commission for any complaints.

Next you will want to find a management company that uses a can do credit and criminal checks, income verification and nationwide screening for previous eviction filings.  How will they collect the initial security deposit and where is the money kept?  What policies do they have for collecting rents and how regularly are rental payments made to the owner?  What options are available for your incoming payment, do they offer direct deposit?

Will they handle arranging any necessary repairs and do they have qualified people that they use if you don’t have a personal preference or requirement for your property?  Will they then handle paying any vendors and other bills out of incoming rent payments?  Does the property management company set up a property reserve for minimal/insignificant repairs? You want to make sure that they arrange with you for any repairs over a certain dollar amount.  Usually this is in the range of anything over two or three hundred dollars.

Do they conduct periodic property inspections and inventories if the properties are furnished?  Will they contact you immediately upon tenants giving a notice to vacate property?  Do they issue timely notices to tenants that are delinquent with rent or violating the lease agreement?

Ultimately, a good property manager is not always the one that charges the lowest fees. The ability to manage the property according to your requirements will differ and so it’s necessary to carry out a screening process.  We hope some of these tips help. From your local Myrtle Beach Property Managers,By the Beach Properties

We’ll Find You A Home & A Lifestyle!


Posted on: July 5th, 2010


Each of our properties  receives a custom YouTube video. Online video sites are in high demand now a days. Consumers want to be entertained while searching for their new home. This gives potential Buyers or Tenants a chance to view the property and see if it is possibly the right home for them.

  • Videos are displayed on By the Beach’s website and blog
  • Videos are posted in Craiglist Online Classifieds as well as sent to inquiring potential Buyers/Tenants.


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Craigslist is the biggest online classifies around. They have millions of readers each day. Each property receives different headlines to insure your ad is accepted and posted daily.

  • Every property is posted daily to maximize your ad exposure
  • Ads contain information on viewing your YouTube video
  • Some ads will have a your custom Postlet flyer in them others have your Real Bird website in them


Custom postlets ads for your property. View an example of one of our Postlets ads here »
Postlets Ads will also be submitted on the following websites as well:



Facebook              linkin

Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have exploded over the past few years. The best thing is that they open new avenues for marketing. By the Beach has made it a point to build networks within these communities to promote and market to. Each and every one of our properties will receives “TWEETS” on Twitter with links to your YouTube Video or Postlet Ads. In addition you receive the same marketing campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn driving more traffic to your property.

RealBird Website

A custom property website with service takes marketing and lead generation forward from “standard” web technology. This platform enables maximum exposure for  listings via a syndication platform, listing widgets and built-in communication and lead capturing tool. We will create single property website for you with stunning presentation, communication and visualization features. Follow the link below for an example of a site.

View RealBird in Action Here

The web has drastically changed the way people live as well as do business, and real estate is no exception. Much more of the world is electronically linked than just a few years ago. For real estate agents and most other service professionals, the Web has become a primary means of doing business. We at By the Beach work hard to put new technologies to work for you  by staying tuned into new product and service announcements!



Sign For rent         Directional Sign

Signs are important for drive by traffic. Use of directional signs helps to drive traffic into neighborhoods and communities.




Posted on: July 3rd, 2010

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This is a Three Bedroom  Two Bath home for available for RENT in Murrell’s Inlet, SC, Over 1,800 SQ FT under roof plus a screened patio. Home in Golf Community that includes water and sewer. Community also includes pool and clubhouse.  Available on and annual lease $1100 Month. Close to BEACH, SHOPPING & DINING!


Posted on: July 3rd, 2010

HOA BuildingWhen you begin to bring in experts, a sequence of trust begins in the client/management company relationship. Homeowners and rental owners trust their elected HOA’s Board of Directors in making good decisions. Furthermore, the board trusts a professional HOA Management Company to carry out various functions of the organization. Each individual community is unique and requires different services.

The board is typically made up of volunteers who are voted in, usually respected members of the community. The majority of these volunteers have little formal training, to no training at all in HOA management. Many of them soon realize how stressful becoming a Board Member can be after they have already committed. Situations arise and they can not determine a ‘Clear Cut’ answer to the problem.  It can become very time consuming  trying to come up with answers to these situations. A common dilemma is a dispute between two neighbors about a section of the bylaws that may have been violated. The section violated tends to be a grey area, which is why it becomes a problem. Vigourous emails are sent back and forth, correspondence is made between multiple individuals regarding the problem, and many times having attorneys involved to make variations to the bylaws once a solution has been reached can be a nightmare! Then there are the complaints that arise from other neighbors that are irate about the new changes. This typical scenario is a never ending saga and very quickly becomes overwhelming to most of the board members and as a result, no common ground is met.  This is what leads most HOA’s to hire a HOA management company to maintain the integrity and value of a community.

HOA CommunityA common problem for many HOA’s is all the bookkeeping, especially maintaining a balanced budget. This can be a major headache for larger complexes or subdivisions. The importance of crafting a well maintained annual budget is crucial. For instance, if the community has private roads, where will the money come from if they need to be repaved? For condo communities, you have common areas that need to be upgraded from time to time, or roofs that need to be replaced, and let’s not forget about exterior siding, which is usually another big assessment. If the reserve funds are not managed properly, this could result in large, unnecessary assessments for the home owners of the community. Common  disputes from large assessments can quickly give HOAs a bad reputation, and many times results in the entire board abandoning their positions. This happens more often than you think and can become an even bigger nightmare for homeowners and rental owners of the community.

In most cases you will find out that a board seems to be operating well.  This is a result of a larger contribution of the board members time, in addition to their full time job or business. These members typically get burned out fast and resign. When they leave, a new ‘Can of Worms’ emerges, usually in the form of chaos.

Another problem that seems to exist is that many board members don’t feel comfortable in having to issue fines to  friends or neighbors for not paying HOA dues on time or not being compliant with the community bylaws. If any favoritism is shown to any of the homeowners, it quickly stirs up trouble with the rest of the community. The best way to achieve a productive and well balanced HOA is to hire a professional HOA Management Company.

A Professional HOA Management Company can take the weight off the shoulders of the board members. The management company should never make any decisions without the board’s consent.

HOA Community PoolWhen establishing a HOA, a management firm can help organize and properly set things up the right way from the very start. Professional companies will handle tasks such as setting up and launching a website, as well as keeping detailed logs. Other services should include, good bookkeeping, and establishing and maintaining a balanced budget. This will help the community form necessary bylaws and codes of conduct for members of the community. Making sure these systems are in place from the beginning are vital to the longevity of the community.

A good HOA managment company will be great at any handling disputes or complaints that have been received from any of the homeowners. It will also offer a sense of security for the board in keeping up to date with state laws and insurance policies. They will handle managing the reserve funds and assessing any outside contractors or projects. The HOA Management company will aid in organizing any of the monthly meetings that may need to take place for creating bylaws and codes of conduct. They will also be the group maintaining order at these events. They will create and maintain a balanced budget for the general  upkeep of the amenities, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, the clubhouse, tennis courts and walking trails, etc., etc. They will also handle all the administrative work, such as sending appropriate letters out for violations or late dues and keeping up with reporting of all fiduciary responsibilities. If, for any reason, issues arise that require going to court for any disputes, they will handle this as well.

If you already have an existing HOA, shifting the responsibility of management duties over to a professional management firm is usually an easy process. A Management Company can give a much needed  overhaul to the services listed above. With some professional restructuring, the systems that are currently in place will become more efficient, saving the board members unnecessary man hours and a great deal money.  HOA management companies begin by acquiring all the legal documents for review then asses and make any necessary changes. It is also a wise idea to open new bank accounts as well.

HOA Community BoardwalkA solid HOA management company will also know the laws governing HOAs for their specific state. These laws tend to vary from state to state, so it’s important to make sure the management firm is familiar with local and state laws. Typically management companies have a system that can be modified for each association. These systems are engineered to make communities a great success. Once everything has made the full transition, the management company will send out letters to all homeowners introducing the company and and let owners know they are available for any questions or concerns regarding the HOA or the community.

Of course some services may vary from company to company, however, make sure to ask questions pertaining to the services mentioned above. Once you have found and hired a good company, you will have more free time to focus on the more important picture, such as reviewing weekly action lists or possibly attending quarterly meetings to make decisions that impact the overall direction of the association. This will free you from being bogged down by day-to-day headaches and adminstrative operations.


Posted on: July 3rd, 2010

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This is a 3 Bed 2 Bath home for RENT in Myrtle Beach, SC, Over 2,700 SQ FT under roof plus a screened patio. Community with Clubhouse/Rec/Facilities, Pool, Tennis Court, & Security. Available on and annual lease $1600 Month. Close to BEACH, SHOPPING & All major highways!